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Bosch SMS53E22GB Dishwasher

Bosch SMS53E22GB Dishwasher

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With plenty experience in the field of Dishwashers Bosch have a range that includes the Bosch SMS53E22GB Dishwasher . It should be just the ticket to slot into that immaculate temple to food that is your kitchen. Marvel that even though your new SMS53E22GB Dishwasher achieves the perfect results you never got through washing up in a fraction of the time, you still argue about who unpacks it.

The Bosch SMS53E22GB diswasher combines a simple and elegant design with a wealth of features and impressive energy efficiency ratings. This all-white dishwasher has an A rating for energy efficiency, as well as A ratings for washing and drying performance. P art of the reason it achieved these great ratings is because of its ActiveWater system, which uses just 10 litres of water to cut through the dirt on your dishes. You also have the power to choose the temperature you set the dishwasher at, so if you have a lot of really dirty plates and cutlery you can use the intensive 70C setting. For everyday dishes there's a 45-65C wash, or the slightly more economical 50?C wash, while less dirty utensils can go through the 45C quick wash, which takes just 29 minutes, or a pre rinse.

Bosch SMS53E22GB Dishwasher Specifications
BrandBoschThe manufacturer of this Bosch SMS53E22GB Dishwasher Dishwasher
ModelSMS53E22GB DishwasherThe unique model name and number of the Dishwasher

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