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Francis Francis! X2

Francis Francis! X2

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'Fancy coming back to mine for a coffee' you announce to perfect strangers as they stare at the twitching, high strung freak hopped up after his fifteenth espresso. Clear signs of a person and there newly acquired espresso coffee machine. That said they do make a cracking cup and the Francis Francis! X2 is no exception. Cappuccino , latte, americano, espresso, soon there will be nothing to distinguish between you and a server at starbucks. Just let no one ask for an instant with milk. Oh I am quietly judging you.

Francis Francis! X2 Specifications
BrandFrancis Francis!The manufacturer of this Francis Francis! X2 Espresso / Cappuccino Machine
Cup WarmerYesSurface , usually on the top of the machine, to place cups in order to have them nicely warm when you put the coffee in them
Dimensions290x265x210The overall size of the Espresso / Cappuccino Machine (25.4 mm is equal to 1 inch)
Milk FrothingTwin Steam ArmsAbility to froth milk by injecting high pressure steam through it via a rigid tube
ModelX2The unique model name and number of the Espresso / Cappuccino Machine
Other FeaturesCoffee Pod Compatible, Dual Head, Hot Water Outlet, Integral Clock, Stainless Steel Construction, Twin Boiler Temperature GaugesOther interesting features of the X2
Power2200 WattsThe electrical power of this X2 Espresso / Cappuccino Machine
Pressure15 BarBAR is the unit of measurement of pressure in a coffee maker, more pressure extracts a more intense flavour form the coffee and froths milk quicker
Tank Capacity5 ltrThe maximum amount of water that your expresso machine will hold
TypePumpThe general type of Espresso / Cappuccino Machine that the X2 falls into
Weight17 kgThe weight of the X2 in Kilograms (as a guide 1kg is equal to 2.2 of a Pounds lbs )

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