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WatchGuard Technologies Firebox X50 (WG40050UK)

WatchGuard Technologies Firebox X50 (WG40050UK)

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With the price of the best Firewalls coming down so much the WatchGuard Technologies Firebox X50 (WG40050UK) makes the most of the WatchGuard Technologies experience in this area. Compare it to the rest of the field to see if it fits your needs. The leading shops on the web provide the best price for the Firebox X50 (WG40050UK). It is time to turn your system into an impenetrable bunker. Let them try to get in.

Whether you need to secure a small business network or secure remote offices for a business network already protected by Firebox X, Firebox X50 is the solution you've been looking for. This easy-to-deploy, model-upgradeable, VPN endpoint and firewall security appliance was especially designed to support small businesses and remote offices with more than 30 users who also have limited in-house networking experience. It's the strong security appliance that's also easy to use.Firebox X50 protects your small business network or remote office locations with a dynamic stateful firewall with best-in-class performance, Web content filtering (optional), and WAN Failover. It features smart, Web-based management that provides simple-to-read logging and easy VPN creation. Firebox X50 is the all-in-one firewall/VPN appliance that will handle all of your small business network's or remote office workers' security needsnow and in the future.

WatchGuard Technologies Firebox X50 (WG40050UK) Specifications
BrandWatchGuard TechnologiesThe manufacturer of this WatchGuard Technologies Firebox X50 (WG40050UK) Firewall
Data Speed100 Mbps
ModelFirebox X50 (WG40050UK)The unique model name and number of the Firewall

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