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LG MZ-50PZ43

LG MZ-50PZ43

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With TV's the size of a fiat 126 becoming as fashionable as, well a Fiat 126, the need for thin is at a height. So which Flat panel TV will grace your living room and make it look loads bigger? LG feel they have got the answer with the MZ-50PZ43. Check to make sure the features are precisely what you are looking for and then check the price of the LG MZ-50PZ43 with the leading shops listed below. The cheapest price for today will be shown but be sure to compare for any delivery charges that the shop may need to pass on to get the LG MZ-50PZ43 safely to your Lounge.

LG MZ-50PZ43 Specifications
Aspect Ratio16:09Films or TV shows are filmed in different image widths called aspect ratios a Television should have a few to make it able to view perfectly all you want to watch
BrandLGThe manufacturer of this LG MZ-50PZ43 Television
Brightness620 cd/m2Control to make the image you view lighter or darker
Contrast Ratio600:1This is the measurement of the difference in light intensity between the darkest black and the strongest white. The higher the contrast ratio the better the picture quality.
LCD/PlasmaPlasmaLCD stands for liquid crystal display Plasma is a variation on the theme and allows for a even thinner TV the jury is out on which offers the best quality
ModelMZ-50PZ43The unique model name and number of the Television
Other FeaturesOptional AV Board, Set-Top Box and SpeakersOther interesting features of the MZ-50PZ43
Resolution1366x768 pixelsPixels are Essentially small dots which when amassed together form a picture on the Television. The more pixels the sharper the image you have to view
RGB Scarts0The way the flat panel can receive composite video images usually via a SCART lead check to see what lead the device you are considering connecting to it used a DVD player for example, or buy the appropriate leads
Scart Sockets0The number of SCART sockets that this Television has, a consideration when you plan how many other devices will be plugged into this
Screen Size50 inThe measurement in inches (guide 28 inches is 71 cm) of the TV screen the measurement is taken from the bottom left corner to the top right corner of the screen
S-Video INNoS video is a high quality lead with digital quality , check that what you have in mind to plug into your Television has this if it is the only option
Tuner TypeNoneSome flat panel TV's have a built in digital tuner allowing you to access freeview channels the analogue tuner will pick up traditional analogue signals. Check whether the tuner is internal or in an external box

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