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Liebherr GN 4113  Freezer

Liebherr GN 4113 Freezer

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As style in king in the kitchen these days then you can trust a Liebherr freezer to look the part. Be you ditching the frozen mince for more vodka storage or very possibly vice versa then the your Liebherr GN 4113 Freezer should be you silent cold companion. Oh how the weekly shop will lean towards frozen as soon as the GN 4113 Freezer is installed. All that space to fill with stuff that you will cook one day... honest.

This pristine white Liebherr freezer is rated A++ for energy efficiency and has a generous freezing capacity of 351 litres. Thanks to the SuperFrost function, this model rapidly decreases the temperature of this freezer when new food is added, automatically deactivating after a set period of time, when food has been frozen. This faster freezing ensures nutrients and full flavour are retained in foods as they are frozen. The MagicEye control unit ensures that selected temperatures are being maintained exactly and is easy and convenient to use. MagicEye will also display the warmest temperature that was reached in the event of a power cut. The Liebherr GN4113 has 8 transparent compartments, helping you to organise all the frozen food you might desire! These can be rearranged and removed to suit your needs, whilst the frontal ventilation prevents the need for a grill to be built into your worktop.

Liebherr GN 4113 Freezer Specifications
BrandLiebherrThe manufacturer of this Liebherr GN 4113 Freezer Freezer
Capacity351 LitresThe volume in ltrs ( 2.2 Pints) that your Freezer will hold
ModelGN 4113 FreezerThe unique model name and number of the Freezer
TypeUprightThe general type of Freezer that the GN 4113 Freezer falls into

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