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Acoustic Solutions DX 333

Acoustic Solutions DX 333

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Maybe that home cinema experience just isn't there for you if you are not engulfed by a wall of sound or maybe you just want to annoy your neighbours. Either way home cinema speakers will give the desired acoustic shove in the right direction but which set? Acoustic Solutions feel they have got the answer with the DX 333. Check to make sure the features are precisely what you are looking for and then check the price of the Acoustic Solutions DX 333 with the leading shops listed below. The cheapest price for today will be shown but be sure to compare for any delivery charges that the shop may need to pass on to get the Acoustic Solutions DX 333 safely to your TV.

6 Speaker Home Theatre Package

Acoustic Solutions DX 333 Specifications
BrandAcoustic SolutionsThe manufacturer of this Acoustic Solutions DX 333 Home Cinema Speaker
Centre Speakers1The arrangement of the speakers in this home cinema system involves having one placed directly behind or below the TV
ModelDX 333The unique model name and number of the Home Cinema Speaker
Other Features6 DSP Modes, Active sub, Built In Dolby Decoder, Full Function Remote ControlOther interesting features of the DX 333
Satellite Speakers4The home cinema system will have 4 possibly six speakers that you have to arrange around the perimeter of your room
Subwoofer1A speaker that forms part of a home cinema system that emits the very low frequency bass sounds

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