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Hinari Lifestyle IR710 Travel Iron

Hinari Lifestyle IR710 Travel Iron

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Come on people the Hinari Lifestyle IR710 Travel Iron just took away your excuse to avoid ironing that particularly intricate piece of clothing. In fact the Hinari may change your whole wardrobe outlook. Out go shapeless baggies in comes the military pressed look. The IR710 may be good but for heavens sake the front trouser crease is not coming back, ever.

Hinari Lifestyle IR710 Travel Iron Specifications
Anti-ScaleNoFunction especially useful if you live in a hard water area as it will prevent your iron from becoming furred with limescale
BrandHinariThe manufacturer of this Hinari IR710 Iron
Cord Length1.8 MetresLength of power cord in Metres (1 meter is equal to 1.093 yards or 39.37 inches) of the Iron
ModelIR710The unique model name and number of the Iron
Other Features18g Steam shot, Dry ironing, Dual voltage, Non stick soleplate, Water spray featureOther interesting features of the IR710
Power800 WattsThe electrical power of this IR710 Iron
Self CleaningNoa function that removes limescale and debris from the iron so you don't have to
Steam Output9 g/minThe quantity of steam that this iron will produce (guide 10g is equal to 0.35 fluid ounces )
Steam ShotYesability for this iron to produce a blast of steam where required to aid the pressing of a particularly difficult piece of clothing
Travel SizeYesWhether this iron is suitable for packing in a suitcase and travelling with
Variable SteamYesThe steam flow of the iron can be controlled so a particularly stubborn crease can be blasted
Water Tank Capacity70 mlThe amount of water, to be turned into steam, that this iron will carry in millilitres (guide: 100 ml is equal to 3.5 fluid ounces)
Weight0.6 kgThe weight of the IR710 in Kilograms (as a guide 1kg is equal to 2.2 of a Pounds lbs )

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