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Braun MPZ 7 Citrus Press

Braun MPZ 7 Citrus Press

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You too can have that authentic astronaut lifestyle as you shun solid food for the blended and juiced magic of the Braun MPZ 7 Citrus Press. Creativity and this Braun go hand in hand as all manner of things go the way of pulp. In fact nothing in vegetable or fruit bowl will feel particularly safe when you buy this MPZ 7 Citrus Press. Let juiced orange only be the start of your liquid odyssey . Check the price, visit the shop, and punish that fruit and veg.

Braun MPZ 7 Citrus Press Specifications
BrandBraunThe manufacturer of this Braun MPZ 7 Citrus Press Juicer / Blender
Capacity0.6 ltrThe quantity of ingredients in Litres ( 2.2 Pints) that you machine can accommodate pre blend
Dimensions160 Dia x 185The overall size of the Juicer / Blender (25.4 mm is equal to 1 inch)
Juice CollectionContainerIs the juice collected in the top of the blender in a spout or in a separate container
TypeCitrus PressThe target function for a blender or juicer although they may fulfil other tasks Adequately
ModelMPZ 7 Citrus PressThe unique model name and number of the Juicer / Blender
Motor Power20 WattsThe electrical power of the motor in the Juicer / Blender
Other FeaturesAutomatic Start/Stop, Left & Right rotationOther interesting features of the MPZ 7 Citrus Press

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