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Philips HD4632/20

Philips HD4632/20

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For some thing as deeply weaved into the fabric of our society the choice of kettle cannot be a light one. Does the Philips HD4632/20 have what it takes to make your morning brew? Well Philips have certainly a little experience when it comes to boiling water. Let the HD4632/20 into your life and marvel as it switches effortlessly from coffee to Tea to hot chocolate.

The future of kettles is here, with this Philips Kettle that lets you select the temperature of the water you boil.Every hot drink has an ideal temperature: for green tea it's up to 80C, for instant coffee 90C and for black tea 100C. By preparing your drink at a lower temperature you use less energy, so you can easily save money every day.A cup indicator lets you boil only the amount of water you need, saving up to 66% energy and water and contributing to a better environment.This sleek kettle also features a cordless pirouette base for easy lifting and placing, while a spring lid with large opening makes filling and cleaning so simple.

Philips HD4632/20 Specifications
BrandPhilipsThe manufacturer of this Philips HD4632/20 Kettle
ModelHD4632/20The unique model name and number of the Kettle

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