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Qualcast Classic Electric 30

Qualcast Classic Electric 30

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Qualcast Classic Electric 30 Specifications
BrandQualcastThe manufacturer of this Qualcast Classic Electric 30 Lawn Mower
Cord Length22.5 MetresLength of power cord in Metres (1 meter is equal to 1.093 yards or 39.37 inches) of the Lawn Mower
Cutting Width30 cmThe maximum diameter of the path it will cut through long grass. Go for a large one the larger the lawn you have to mow
Grass Collection Capacity23 LitresThe amount of grass this lawnmower will collect in it's storage box before it needs emptying (guide: 10ltrs is equal to 18.16 pints)
Max Cutting Height35 mmThe maximum length of grass that your lawnmower can comfortably handle with out getting bogged down
ModelClassic Electric 30The unique model name and number of the Lawn Mower
Motor Power340 WattsThe electrical power of the motor in the Lawn Mower
Motor TypeElectricElectric motor running from mains electricity , small petrol engine or good old hand power
Other Features5 Preset cutting heights, Steel rear rollerOther interesting features of the Classic Electric 30
TypeCylinderThe general type of Lawn Mower that the Classic Electric 30 falls into
Variable Cutting HeightYesFunction that allows the blade of the lawnmower to be set at different heights to cut your lawn to differing lengths

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