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HP Jornada 928

HP Jornada 928

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HP Jornada 928 Specifications
BrandHPThe manufacturer of this HP Jornada 928 Mobile Phone
CalendarYesA day by day calendar to store appointment on
Digital CameraAttachmentSome mobile phones have a small camera inbuilt. At the moment only small resolution and thus poor quality photos can be taken but good for catching the moment
Dimensions137x78x17 mmOverall size of the HP Jornada 928 (25.4 mm is equal to 1 inch)
Download gamesYesCan this mobile phone download games to while away the hours
Download RingtonesYesWhether this mobile phone accepts ringtones downloaded from a ring tone download site
Frequency BandDual-bandThe Network Band will announce whether the phone is Tri, Dual or Quad Band, and the frequencies it operates on. Generally you would use a Tri Band handset for the USA. If you need the phone for travel you should check which frequency the countries you visit most use before deciding on Tri, Dual or Quad Band.
Games1Does this mobile come complete with games to play
GPRSYesThis is a higher line speed allowing larger quantities of data to be passe more quickly. This is Essential you wish to use your mobile phone to send pictures or act as a phone line to access the internet on your laptop
Handsfree SpeakerphoneYesWhether this Mobile Phone has the capability to be used hands free as a speaker or conference phone
In-built modemYesA modem will allow this mobile phone to be connected to your laptop PC allowing you to access the internet
InfraredYesa short range line of sight connection from your mobile phone to another device such as a PC that allows data to be passed between the two
MMSYesAbility to send and receive small sized photos to and from similarly compatible mobile phones
Mobile/PDAPDA/mobileSome phones cross the line in terms of lots of Organisational functionality and are thus PDA's
ModelJornada 928The unique model name and number of the Mobile Phone
Phonebook Capacity64MB memoryThe maximum ability to store the names and numbers of your friends and contacts on this mobile phone
Predictive textNoA program which pre guesses the word that you may by typing into a text message after the first few characters have been inputted. For faster texting on your mobile phone
Ringtones13The number of ringtones that are currently stored on this mobile phones memory . Also check whether they can be downloaded or composed for more
Screen Resolution2406x320 pixelsPixels are Essentially small dots which when amassed together form a picture the screen of your mobile TV. The more pixels the sharper the image you have to view, handy if you download a lot of wallpapers
Screen Type65k-colourWhether the mobile phone is mono or colour and how complex is it the more K the larger and higher quality the image will be able to display on it
Secondary ScreenYesWhen the mobile phone is on standby or closed a secondary screen display critical information such as time or caller number
NetworkOrange, VodafoneThe company who operates the mobile network infrastructure and bills the phone
Standby Time150The amount of time that the mobile phone will remain on when not making calls
Talk-time5The maximum amount of time you can use your phone for conversation before the handset required recharging
VibrateYesThe mobile phone can vibrate when you get a call instead or in conjunction with a ringtone. This can be used to provide a silent form of call alert
VoiceYesThis phone will dial numbers that correspond to voice commands . Needs setting up and usually only works in relatively quiet surroundings
WAPYesWireless access protocol, a standard that lets your phone access all sorts of wap sites and download information rather like a much edited version of the web. Judged slow and Cumbersome by the worlds consumers
WAP Version1.2.1, 2.0The standard of WAP that this phone supports. Wireless access protocol, a standard that lets your phone access all sorts of wap sites and download information rather like a much edited version of the web.
Weight194gThe weight of the Jornada 928 in grams (as a guide 100g is equal to 0.22 of a Pound lb)

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