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Archos Ondio

Archos Ondio

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Whether maxing out Beethoven's ninth or chilling with Dido is your thing Archos feel they have got the answer with the Ondio. Check to make sure the features are precisely what you are looking for and then check the price of the Archos Ondio with the leading shops listed below. The cheapest price for today will be shown but be sure to compare for any delivery charges that the shop may need to pass on to get the Archos Ondio safely to your home.

Archos Ondio Specifications
Battery Life12 hrsThe time in Hours that the device will run before it need to be recharged
Battery Type3 x AAAThe time in Hours that the device will run before it need to be recharged
BrandArchosThe manufacturer of this Archos Ondio MP3 Player
Data StorageYesThe ability to store other type of data files aside from music i.e. emails or word documents on the device
Dimensions81x47x25The overall size of the MP3 Player (25.4 mm is equal to 1 inch)
Direct MP3 EncodingYesWill create an MP3 music file from music played into it from any device such as a walkman or stereo system
FirmwareYesBuilt in software for a computer that also has the capability to support and play MP3 files
FM RadioYesThe capability to play FM radio on this MP3 Player
FormatMP3The types of format that this MP3 Player will support and play
InterfaceUSBThe type of cable connection between your MP3 player and say your PC
Memory Capacity128 MBThe maximum memory and thus number of MP3 tracks your device can store. As a rough guide go for 250 songs fills a Gigagabyte Gb
Memory ExpansionYesCan the memory for this MP3 player be expanded to fit additional MP3 files on it. As a rough guide 250 songs fills a Gigagabyte Gb
Memory TypeFlashdoes the MP3 player have a built in hard disk or flash memory on a removable
ModelOndioThe unique model name and number of the MP3 Player
Voice RecordYesAbility to make MP3 file recordings of your voice enabling you to use this MP3 placer as a personal voice recorder for ideas on the move or practicing a speech
Weight60gThe weight of the Ondio in grams (as a guide 100g is equal to 0.22 of a Pound lb)

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