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NetGear GA511

NetGear GA511

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With the price of the best Network adapters coming down so much the NetGear GA511 makes the most of the NetGear experience in this area. Compare it to the rest of the field to see if it fits your needs. The leading shops on the web provide the best price for the GA511. It is time to connect to your neighbours wireless lan or just look smug in starbucks.

NETGEAR's Gigabit PC Card injects dynamic force into your home or small office notebook PC so you can transfer huge files at astonishing speeds. Whether they're video files at home, or the largest CAD or database files at work, this powerful 1000 Mbps adapter moves them up to 10 times faster than Fast Ethernet and 100 times faster than 802.11b wireless! It is designed for easy operation as it instantly connects you to other networked computers, printers, routers, network storage, and the Internet. NETGEAR's unique Smart Wizard Performance Dashboard lets you monitor actual speed, while 10/100/1000 Mbps auto-sensing speeds up performance and eliminates any need for manual switching. Wide compatibility with all major operating systems and other Ethernet products does away with potential user hassles. What's more, installation is simple - in fewer than five mouse clicks, Smart Wizard Install Assistant has you up and running full speed ahead.

NetGear GA511 Specifications
BrandNetGearThe manufacturer of this NetGear GA511 Network Adapter
Data Speed1000 Mbps
ModelGA511The unique model name and number of the Network Adapter

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