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Liebherr WKUes 1753

Liebherr WKUes 1753

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Suddenly jumping to prominence in the kitchen is the humble fridge no longer tucked away in a corner that most visited of white boxes demands to be the focal point of your kitchen Liebherr brings you the WKUes 1753 to keep your produce in a refreshingly chilled environment as you race to eat and drink it all before the expiry date. Worry not the Liebherr WKUes 1753 is there for you morning noon and late night snack.

For the storage of larger wine supplies the wine climatic cabinet WKUes 1753 is the ideal choice. In addition, is optimally suitable for the storage of larger quantities in drinking temperature this devices. In this wine climatic cabinet the selected temperature in the entire interior is kept evenly and constantly.

Liebherr WKUes 1753 Specifications
BrandLiebherrThe manufacturer of this Liebherr WKUes 1753 Fridge
Capacity140 LitresThe volume in ltrs ( 2.2 Pints) that your Fridge will hold
ModelWKUes 1753The unique model name and number of the Fridge
TypeWine ChillerThe general type of Fridge that the WKUes 1753 falls into

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