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Draytek Vigor2100V Router (V2100V)

Draytek Vigor2100V Router (V2100V)

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With the price of the best Routers coming down so much the Draytek Vigor2100V Router (V2100V) makes the most of the Draytek experience in this area. Compare it to the rest of the field to see if it fits your needs. The leading shops on the web provide the best price for the Draytek Vigor2100V Router (V2100V). It is time to tidy all those cables.

The DrayTek Vigor 2100V is a broadband firewall/router - ideal for sharing your Cable Modem (e.g. Telewest Blueyonder or NTL) between several PCs, with a built-in VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone port. Even if you have just one PC, the router provides the firewall facilities. The phone port enables you to use your existing broadband connection to make VoIP calls to any other compatible device, anywhere in the world and anywhere on the Internet, free of charge. You can receive calls too of course, and all with a standard (analogue) telephone which you connect into the socket on the back of the router. The 2100VG adds 802.11B and G wireless networking capability.

Draytek Vigor2100V Router (V2100V) Specifications
BrandDraytekThe manufacturer of this Draytek Draytek Vigor2100V Router (V2100V) Router
ModelDraytek Vigor2100V Router (V2100V)The unique model name and number of the Router

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