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BT Synergy 3505 Twin

BT Synergy 3505 Twin

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When it comes time for an upgrade in the TV department the choice is indeed huge. BT feel they have got the answer with the Synergy 3505 Twin. Check to make sure the features are precisely what you are looking for and then check the price of the BT Synergy 3505 Twin with the leading shops listed below. The cheapest price for today will be shown but be sure to compare for any delivery charges that the shop may need to pass on to get the BT Synergy 3505 Twin safely to your living room.

BT Synergy 3505 Twin Specifications
Answering MachineYesBuilt in device to play a pre-recorded message from you and record peoples messages for you
BrandBTThe manufacturer of this BT Synergy 3505 Twin Telephone
Caller IDYesThe number of your caller, if they have not blocked it, is shown may cross reference the phones memory and put a name to the number if it recognises it
Digital / AnalogueDigitalDigital is the more modern system using digital signal rather than the traditional audio pulsed to dial a number and complete a call
Handsfree SpeakerphoneYesWhether this Telephone has the capability to be used hands free as a speaker or conference phone
Message Recording Time12 MinutesThe maximum capacity in minutes for recording messages on your phone
ModelSynergy 3505 TwinThe unique model name and number of the Telephone
Other Features20 Calls log, 2 pre-recorded outgoing messages, 2-way calling, 5 last number redial, 5 ringtones, Auto-save when power fails, Auto-talk, Backlit display, Call transfer, Call waiting, GAP compatible, Internal calls, Low battery warning, Menu driven display, Pause, Private playback via handset, Range: 50m indoors/300m outdoors, Recall, Secrecy, Speech volume control, Time/day stamp, Voice prompts, Volume controlOther interesting features of the Synergy 3505 Twin
Paging FacilityNoOne press of a button can make the handset of this phone emit a beep to attract your attention to where it is
Phonebook Number Capacity50The maximum ability to store the names and numbers of your friends and contacts on this phone
Standby Time350 HoursThe amount of time that the phone will remain on when not making calls
Talktime14 HoursThe maximum amount of time you can use your mobile phone for conversation before the handset required recharging
Text MessagingNoWhether your phone will be able to send SMS texts to other compatible phones or peoples mobile phones
TypeCordlessThe general type of Telephone that the Synergy 3505 Twin falls into

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