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Dualit Vario 6-Slice Toaster

Dualit Vario 6-Slice Toaster

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Detail of design, perfection of finish and quality of components should all be paramount when you consider a toaster the Dualit Vario 6-Slice Toaster seems to have these in abundance as do all the toasters from Dualit. When you have found the best price to buy it at you can examine it in detail. That is when you have it upside down with a knife in it over the sink trying to fish out the remains of that brioche slice.

Dualit Vario 6-Slice Toaster Specifications
BrandDualitThe manufacturer of this Dualit Vario 6-Slice Toaster Toaster
Bun / Croissant RackNoA wire rack held just above the taster in the hot air from the heating elements to warm savoury to large to fit in the slots
Cancel ButtonNoA button that can stop the toasting action immediately if you should choose
Defrost SettingNoA lower power setting for the heating elements to de frost toast or selected other foods
Electronic ControlNoGives you that extra slice of toasting control as the browning of your bread is electronically monitored
Hi-Rise LiftYesAllows for the toaster cradle that holds the bread to be lifted up a fraction after it has pooped up to aid the removal of particularly small pieces of toast
ModelVario 6-Slice ToasterThe unique model name and number of the Toaster
Other Features1, 2 or 3 Slice Selector, Extra-wide 28mm slots, Manual Ejector, Optional Sandwich Cage, Replaceable Elements, Stainless Steel Finish, Stay-warm functionOther interesting features of the Vario 6-Slice Toaster
Reheat SettingNoA gentle warming that a toaster can administer to bread that has already been toasted to save on having to get another slice out
Type6 SliceThe general category of toaster
Variable WidthYesDifferent widths of toast can be accommodated as the toasting slot moves in and out to fit it in

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