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Numatic James JVH180

Numatic James JVH180

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Clean house - clean conscience and if that is not top of your agenda then how about this, clean house - clean house, should be enough of a motivation. The Numatic James JVH180 is there to remove every spec of dust as well as loose change and the carelessly discarded car key. Never mind a quick call to Numatic will tell you how to get the thing open.

James is not only a classic with personality plus, he's also a very clever design based on genuinely thoughtful simplicity coupled with superb power and performance. The unique caddy top can store the power cable, tools and even a duster and some polish! Big capacity, four wheel stability, giant filters coupled with two-stage Microflo dust bags give you the best of all worlds - quick and efficient to use, simple to empty. Accessories are to full professional size and specification - nothing is skimped or forgotten, just designed to do the job well, wherever and whenever you wish.

Numatic James JVH180 Specifications
BrandNumaticThe manufacturer of this Numatic James JVH180 Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum Vacuum Cleaner
Capacity8 LitresThe volume in ltrs ( 2.2 Pints) that your Vacuum Cleaner will hold
CapacityAbove 4.5 Litres
ModelJames JVH180 Canister Wet/Dry VacuumThe unique model name and number of the Vacuum Cleaner
Power1100 WattsThe electrical power of this James JVH180 Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum Vacuum Cleaner
TypeCylinderThe general type of Vacuum Cleaner that the James JVH180 Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum falls into
Weight5 kgThe weight of the James JVH180 Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum in Kilograms (as a guide 1kg is equal to 2.2 of a Pounds lbs )

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